Design Overview


Foundry specialises in light planning & bespoke light fixtures for commercial and residential interiors & exteriors. Our extensive portfolio and broad experience has led to collaborations with many award winning architects and developers to create individual solutions designed to meet each client’s individual, specific needs
Our passion for design and the importance of both natural and artificial lighting has led us on an exciting journey with Foundry.  As specialists in both decorative & architectural lighting, our team of consultants offer a complete lighting service which include:
· Initial design consultation
· Product specification
· Lighting controls & dimming solutions
· Advice on integration with other building services
· Supply
· Project management
· Luminaire aiming & focussing
· Control system programming
· Training on operation & maintenance
· After sales care
Foundry hand selects light fittings from Europe’s leading lighting manufacturers and offer the latest in LED technology from South Korea & Japan to suit each projects design and budget requirements. Adopting this independent approach ensures that the full potential of every project is achieved
To book an appointment or discuss our services further, please call our office on 020 7232 4710

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