Lighting Design

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Foundry provides design-led architectural lighting solutions.  Working from project conception through to final supply and commissioning, we offer a tailor made service to suit any project requirements.  Our portfolio and expertise covers the residential, leisure, commercial, public and hospitality sectors
Lighting plays an important role in our lives.  Good lighting design evokes emotion and feelings, gives form to objects, accentuates colours and textures, creates warmth, gives a greater sense of safety & security and is crucial for our well being
We often take lighting for granted, especially in our everyday lives, but its effects affect us all.  Our memories are formed and reinforced by lighting.  We all remember walking through forests with dappled sun playfully breaking through the canopies of trees; warm summer evenings as the sun disappears over the horizon enveloping the rolling landscape in a beautiful crimson light; the intimacy of a candle at dinner; the motion, the sound as flames dance in a log fire on a cold winter’s evening
A good lighting designer does not simply analyse technical data and conform to guidelines, they must look beyond these basic requirements and consider many other aspects
Foundry's lighting consultants strive to offer designs that encompass all of these aspects & emotions whilst carefully using the latest innovations to seamlessly meet & exceed ever-increasing concerns over energy and building regulations

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